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Discussion created by jbrown Expert on May 14, 2015
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I recently stumbled on this website:



It is an icon library that one can sign up for to be able to download icons in the form of .svg or .png files. You type in a noun (or verb) and get a plethora of icons to use. Since many designers contribute to this site (you can too, by the way) you get different styles of, say a trashcan. I imagine you can do some filtering by author if you find a designer that you particularly like.


A free account allows one to download icons, but you have to give the designer credit.


A paid account gives you the license to use any icon in here w/o giving credit.


I've spent a good amount of time in the site and have yet to not find at least one icon that doesn't match a noun (or verb) that I typed in.


These .svg files are ready for FM 14. No extra editing needed.

I've signed up for a free account but will probably go for the paid one. I like to support the designers.