Webdirect not working on FM Server 14

Discussion created by DonClark on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by izan

I just upgraded to FM 14 on a cloud Mac running a patched version of Yosemite.  I used the FM 13 uninstaller, restarted, and then installed and configure Server 14.  Initially, the basic webpage http://myweb/fmi/webd/# came right up, showing the three db's I have available via WebDirect.  This was on latest chrome version on a Mac running latest Yosemite.  When I clicked on a db, all I got was a spinning wheel. 


I restarted the server, checked all the settings, and found nothing wrong.  Now the basic page flashes (on Chrome) and does not show at all on Safari.  It goes to the spinning wheel.


I turned off WebDirect, and I get the proper error code on the screen showing WebDirect is turned off. Turning it back on does not change the behavior. 


Does anyone have any ideas?  My next step is to trash the entire install, including prefs, etc., and reinstalling from scratch.