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    Automating spell check


      Hi Everyone


      I am trying to write a script that steps through each record and spell checks a field. If the field has no errors, i'd like the script to move on to the next record.


      Then, if it hits a record that needs 'correcting' it should throw the normal spell check window.


      So, I have been trying to find out what i can control programatically from the spell check in Filemaker but can't seem to find any info/error codes or script results.


      Has anyone done this before? Or is it just something I should do elsewhere (like export to excel and then re-import the data)?


      Any and all suggestions welcome.


      ciao 4 now

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          You want the "Check Record" script step inside of a loop. That will pop the window open on all records requiring a spell check.


          Go To Record/Request [first]


            Check Record

            Go To Record/Request [next]

            Exit Loop If [ get (record number) = get(foundcount) ]

          End Loop

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            Thnx for the reply Mike.


            Yep, that works, however it seems to open the dialog for every record... Regardless of whether it needs correcting or not! So I have to hit the 'done' key 45000 times!


            Is there a way to trap for just incorrectly spelt records? (I'm only really interested in one field not the whole record.)


            Once again, thmx for the response!



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              I don’t think there’s any native check. You would have to tie into an external REST API via the WebViewer or Insert From URL to check without dialog.


              I didn’t realize your use case was so vast, I figured you’d only be checking a single record using an OnRecordCommit trigger.