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FileMaker Pro 14: new get Directory script step - Allow Folder Creation

Question asked by itraining on May 14, 2015
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In the new Get Directory script, is the "Allow Folder Creation" option:

(a) designed to be strict - as in the user can only create a new folder if this option is enabled?

(b) how does (a) behave in Mac OS X?

(c) false advertising?



The new Get Directory script step grabbed my attention in the preview release and I quickly tested it returning the path of a selected folder. Fantastic. Awesome. However I did not test the "Allow Folder Creation" option. Instead I ASSUMED it would enable the creation of a folder in the operating file system.


Testing (c): false advertising?

Experimenting with the script step today I see it does not allow the scripted creation of folders, hence my false advertising query and the article in the FMI knowledge base confirms "Allow folder creation lets users create new folders while they browse the file system.".


Testing (a) and (b): designed to be strict and how does (a) behave in Mac OS X?

Attached are some screenshots testing the Allow Folder Creation ON and OFF using Windows 7 x64bit.

If "Allow Folder Creation" is ON, the Make New Folder button is visible as expected.

If "Allow Folder Creation" is OFF the make New Folder button is hidden but the right-click menu is still available and if I knew the keyboard shortcut to create a new folder in Windows I would test that too. Using Mac OS X, I assume the new folder button would be hidden but suspect the keyboard shortcut to create New Folder CMD SHIFT N is enabled and not sure about right-click )CTRL-click_ in the Open/Save dialog box..


FileMaker Inc. Knowledge Base:

Overview of script step changes and enhancements in FileMaker Pro 14 | FileMaker



Thanks in advance.




Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)