Customising the FM WebDirect Home Page

Discussion created by NickLightbody on May 15, 2015
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Now that WebDirect is so much more useable, much faster and requires much less RAM - I imagine that some more folk will use it and want to customise the WebDirect HomePage to suit their customers.


I attach a single screen shot that tells you all you need to know about doing the most basic customisation and here are some notes.


0.     the help in FMS server is incorrect when it describes how to customise the WD home page, the html file it refers to appears to be a sample only;


1.     this technique is not new but I wanted to start this thread with a convenient summary and invite those expert in the web to suggest how the home page can be further customised - largely I would imagine by editing the css;


2.     when I did this yesterday I thought it hadn't worked but today it has so bear in mind that these changes may take a while to show up, restarting FMS14 didn't make the changes immediately evident so there is some other caching happening somewhere which is hiding the update for a while;


3.     all we are doing here is substituting our client's simplest logo for the original favicon to display in the browser address bar and bookmarks etc and substituting a 70px high logo inc the client's name for the top left FileMaker WebDirect label on the home page;


4.     on OS X you will need the free Apple Icon Composer to convert your client's simple square / round icon on a transparent background into the .ico format required for the favicon. Name it This is a lower resolution format than the normal OS X .icns format, the Icon Composer will toggle between the two modes required to create either type; (windows folk do whatever they normally do);


5.     on OS X then open your client's more complex logo in .pgn format - with a transparent background - and resize it proportionally to 70px high, name it wd_logo.pgn;


6.     ftp your two files to your server, or however you prefer, and then work down through the folders to the "default" folder shown, rename the original favicon and copy your new favicon into that folder and then do the same for the wd_logo into the images folder;


7.     then go up a level and open the "default" folder's information dialogue, authenticate to unlock it and copy the folder privileges to all enclosed files, as your new files will have the wrong privileges unless you have edited each manually already;


8.     the actual WD Home Page is still called the imp_home.html and it's appearance is controlled by the imp_home.css; as you have retained the same names for your substitution and fixed the privileges everything should continue as before - just look like it is your client's own home page.


I look forward to learning how to do more to the WD Home page?


Cheers, Nick