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    FM 14 OS X text expander


      I was using the Keyboard System Preference Pane "Text" replacement options to store common functions with my preferred syntax. For instance, if I type "fmLet" I would get something like this with the returns and indenting the way I like it.

      Let ( [

      ~var = exp ;

      ~var = exp





      Similar shortcuts for fmSQL, etc. where I have my own placeholder text that makes more sense to me than FileMaker's default.

      This doesn't seem to work in the new Calculation Workspace (or whatever they are calling it). I don't quite understand why it shouldn't work, but it doesn't. Anyone else experiencing this or have a work-around?




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          I have not had trouble with plain-Jane TextExpander snippets, but I can't enter any fill-in snippets in the Script Workspace. I have to expand fill-in snippets in a text editor then paste them in to FileMaker. Not nice.

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            Seems to me that since the Scripting Workspace already does type-ahead for all the functions and relationships and field names that it has pre-empted what the system or any other app or plugin would do.

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              As per Jeremy, TextExpander working ok for me in new and old calc dialogs (well similar example to yours anyway)?


              On more positive note I discovered can now use Keyboard Maestro to insert multi-line script steps (snippets) with a keystroke (Mac only but believe similar Typing emulator tools on PC).


              Quick demo: Dropbox - KM_FM14.mp4


              Uses 'Type A Keystroke' + 'Insert Text (by Typing)' Actions + assign to hot key.

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                Good to hear that you are having success with Keyboard Maestro and FMP14. I am a long time user of KM as well. I believe the key difference over TextExpander, is that KM offers 2 ways to insert text - by pasting or by typing.


                When the target application/field accepts it, pasting is the faster option. When the app/field doesn't cooperate, then using the typing option will always work in my experience. I have also found this very handy when working in any type of "remote" window such as MS Remote Desktop, Mac screen sharing, Citrix, etc.


                KM gives you a lot more than just snippet expansion as well.




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                  I disagree. Type-ahead in the Script Workspace only obsoletes a small fraction of my TextExpander snippets. I have several snippets for common combinations of functions, including combinations with custom functions I frequently use. I also have snippets that format certain structures according to formatting conventions I like to follow.


                  The only frustration I've had with 14 is with fill-in snippets. I have a snippet for history comments following a particular format with two form fields for email address (I'll attach different addresses to comments on different projects) and a description of what was changed. I suppose losing the ability to use fill-in snippets is a minor sacrifice, but it is still one of the many small things that add up to substantial productivity differences.

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                    If it were just the Script Workspace, I could deal with that. It is annoying, but kind of makes sense, since the Script Workspace is not completely freeform text editing, but just a faster way to add script steps. However, the Calculation dialog is completely freeform, so text expansion should work fine, even with the auto-complete for functions. If I could continue typing my formatting manually and it works, then there should be nothing stopping the text expansion from working.


                    And just to clarify, I'm just using the OS X text expansion (not sure if it has an official name) in the Keyboard System Prefs Pane, not a 3rd party app like TextExpander.

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                      jbante - which TextExpander version?


                      Fill-in snips seem to work in the recently released TE5...

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                        Version 4.3.6. I don't have 5 yet.