Can't Create New DB with FMP14A 64 bit Version

Discussion created by DLarsen on May 15, 2015

Hello everybody,


I installed the 64 bit version of FMP14A on my Windows 8.1 machine earlier this week and I have not been able to successfully create a new database file with it. I can edit existing files but I cannot create a new file. As soon as I press the NEW SOLUTION button, Filemaker crashes.


Here's the install procedure I used:


  1. Uninstalled the pre-release version of FMP14A.
  2. Uninstalled FMP11A because I don't need it anymore.
  3. Left FMP13A installed.
  4. Rebooted the machine.
  5. Installed FMP14A (64 bit)


As I said, it seems to open existing files no problem but it crashes every time when creating a new database.


I have disabled anti-virus (ESET) but that has had no effect.


I won't be deploying 14 for a couple of months and the 32 bit version seems to be fine so it's not a big problem right now but I just thought I would put this out there in case anybody else is having the same trouble.