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The first 2 days with FMGo14

Question asked by Markus Schneider on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2015 by Markus Schneider

I'm working now for e second day with our main FMGo app under FMGo14..

While working local, it's smooth, fast. Some interface elements have changed, but that's a matter of hours and You're familiar with that.


WHen working on a host (here with my desktop Mini with FM Adv 14 because of easy transferring the file to the iPad), I got the impression that it is slower than under 13, as others mentioned in other threads.


I got a few crashes on the iPad, mostly when I'm browsing in the list view (7k records) and go back to the detail view, what is a simple layout change. No damage at all (checked it after th crash), just FMGo was 'gone' (iPad Air2, 128GB, current model).

I got one crash of the desktop FM14, caused me to go back to the latest backup.. (took that as training, in the meanwhile, I don't have to jot down pixels, got them in my memory..).

I got not one single crash while working on desktop FM14 apps, btw.


THere are issues with:

- text alignements, I had to shift up some textes by 3 pixels, others by 1 pixel.

- textfields in listview are cut down on top, had to adjust field heigth

- portal rows showed with a gradient, were perfect under 13. corrected the style

- font is looking different, got still line breaks between beeing in the field or out of the field, better than 13, not perfect (can live woth that)


I'm doing a lot with the iPad, not just FMGo - but since the accounting/reporting is done in a FMGo app, I'm hardcore user and developer...