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    The first 2 days with FMGo14

    Markus Schneider

      I'm working now for e second day with our main FMGo app under FMGo14..

      While working local, it's smooth, fast. Some interface elements have changed, but that's a matter of hours and You're familiar with that.


      WHen working on a host (here with my desktop Mini with FM Adv 14 because of easy transferring the file to the iPad), I got the impression that it is slower than under 13, as others mentioned in other threads.


      I got a few crashes on the iPad, mostly when I'm browsing in the list view (7k records) and go back to the detail view, what is a simple layout change. No damage at all (checked it after th crash), just FMGo was 'gone' (iPad Air2, 128GB, current model).

      I got one crash of the desktop FM14, caused me to go back to the latest backup.. (took that as training, in the meanwhile, I don't have to jot down pixels, got them in my memory..).

      I got not one single crash while working on desktop FM14 apps, btw.


      THere are issues with:

      - text alignements, I had to shift up some textes by 3 pixels, others by 1 pixel.

      - textfields in listview are cut down on top, had to adjust field heigth

      - portal rows showed with a gradient, were perfect under 13. corrected the style

      - font is looking different, got still line breaks between beeing in the field or out of the field, better than 13, not perfect (can live woth that)


      I'm doing a lot with the iPad, not just FMGo - but since the accounting/reporting is done in a FMGo app, I'm hardcore user and developer...

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          I think it is possible that if you have any old fm:css, especially for FM12, in your appearance layer/styles that could cause some problems.


          I have seen no instability in FMGo in 14, it has been rock solid.


          But the framework I am using was started from scratch in 13 and I recall that there were issues in 13 with stuff started under 12?


          Also, it is possible to corrupt a FM Theme, I have done so twice last year. So I regard it as prudent to keep regular backups of the theme I am developing so I can revert a few versions if I notice a problem.


          Cheers, Nick

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            Markus Schneider

            styles are all FM13. I had 'styles crash' during my first work under 14 - all layout elements became an ultra bold typeface (without Go)


            I should point out that the solution -on the iPad- runs fine! We don't go back, FMGo14 is 'live'. On other solutions, I had similar problems when first running FMGo 13 (after 12)

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              A majority of the work I do is in FMGO 14 so I've been trying to but it through its paces the past few days.  Here are my likes so far:

              1. Text formatting.  This is probably my favorite new feature because I've waited for this feature to release two new solutions.  I do think this might be one of those things that you need to be careful what you ask for.  FMGO has trouble printing text across page break pages.  I spend many hours trying to get FMGO to print properly.  Having the ability to change formatting is going to make proper printing more difficult.

              2. Placeholders will come in handy with the limited space on idevices

              3. Action Folder is a very nice new addition

              4. control keyboard- I finally can suppress the keyboard

              5. New additions to the signature layout

              6. The memory leak problem that plagued FMGO supposedly is partially fixed



              1. changes made to hide/show toolbars and menubar are poorly thought out and should have never made it through beta testing

              2.minor display issues with text

              3. Keyboard has some display issues

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                I just had a client update to Go 14 and I had one custom function with recursion that made it crash every time.  It was used in all previous versions and worked fine.  I was able to use the listof summ to replace the functionality but Thought it was interesting.  Also I have seen the padding of some fonts are a bit different. 


                Other than that I believe its a HUGE improvement.  love the 3 finger swipe to reveal and hide the toolbars.

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                  Markus Schneider

                  Fully agreed.


                  Placeholders are really cool!

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                    Benjamin Fehr

                    love the 3 finger swipe to reveal and hide the toolbars.

                    which also can be activate by a script step!

                    OrientationLock for FMGo, finally

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                      Benjamin Fehr

                      1. changes made to hide/show toolbars and menubar are poorly thought out and should have never made it through beta testing


                      What beta testing?!!! Beta Testing started May, 12. with public launch of FM 14

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                        What don't you like about the hide menu / tool bars?

                        I like very much that I can lock them shut and never see them.

                        For me this is a major improvement?

                        I guess you have a different requirement?

                        Perhaps you have a use case that was not catered for?

                        Cheers Nick

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                          Markus Schneider

                          THe main problem here is, that the desktop version renders different than Go. I would like to know why - but that doesn't really matter because we have to take it as it is..


                          - I got a list view where I reduced line-spacing to 75% to show 2 lines in one row. Worked perfect under 13

                          - under 14, the top of the characters in the first line are cutted off, only visible on FMGo, desktop is fine


                          THat list was for an overview, one column with the first two lines of text (reporting tool..), other columns with single line data -> there are situations where the default won't fit...


                          JUst one example, there are others.


                          CAn all be done with adjusting, trying out, etc. (and it doesn't take that much time) - but that has nothing to do with wysiwyg. If one has a simple layout and the predefined themes fit, there might be less problems - but the predefined themes won't fit everywhere.

                          One should be able to use all the elements (buttons, lines, text, etc) from FileMaker and use them in a way that that it works - on desktop and on Go (we can not change anything on Go - we need to work on desktop to create a Go version..)

                          ANd the question remains: Why did it work under 13?


                          IF one has to create new layouts (or better: Has to rewrite a solution...) for every new version of FM - well... You can do that 2 or 3 times - but then, FM is 'out' in some environments.. (I got customers who had FM6 solutions and were early adaptors of FM7 and they tell me about the problems in that time in every meeting - it was more than 10 years ago..)




                          I had no problems with structure (CF, etc) during the last couple of versions - but I've had it under Go11, where a custom functions did no longer work on Go but was perfect under desktop. I replaced that CF, changed the method.

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                            Markus Schneider

                            I saw some of the postings on forums.filemaker. Your effort is very much appreciated!

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                              Benjamin Fehr

                              leider ligäd alli Biiträg bim Falkä uf äm Tisch. Glaub', TSGal ich i dä Feriä

                              Dä Tubel weiss nöd mal wiä mär im Inspector Ziitformat definiärt!

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                                Markus Schneider


                                Yep. Sometimes, it's almost impossible to have a bug accepted as a bug. I almost gave up. (I mailed discovered bugs anyway)


                                I remember the problem with buying FM licencies with an iPad. It was driving me nuts to describe that. At the end, the comment was: 'it's because iOS isn't capable to display shadows'. Not one word that it was an issue (in the meanwhile, we can buy again, _with shadows_, same version of iOS).


                                There are issues that exist for a very long time - at least I was not able to have them accepted.. and they will reappear..


                                We got quite some customers here - and when one comes with an issue that I never was able to confirm, it will have my attention (until I'm really sure that it has nothing to do with my work). I also go over to the customers and watch them working (btw. I learned a lot doing so - people will work in a way I never thought about..)


                                Back in my VAX/VMS days I once wrote an utility and checked it back and forth forever, created error messages for every possible and impossible bug. In the error list (called when something went wrong with codes etc.) I added a very last line, 'shit, went wrong' - sure enough that this would never be displayed. Well, after installing that utility, I went through the corridor, hunting for coffee - guess what I saw when looking into an office on one of the screens there...

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                                  Markus Schneider

                                  THere are already some bug reports concerning this over at forums.filemaker. Might be the reason

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