webdirect viable?

Discussion created by malachydevlin on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by NickLightbody

I hope the title doesn't put you off but I really have a very specific set of queries.

I haven't tested it with v14 but if webdirect is acceptable in its performance then the only reasons it wouldn't be suitable for my solution are the ones below. so I had hoped there may be some specific answers.


1 - previewing and exporting to excel, I know this is one that has been mentioned 100's of times but is there a viable workaround to this one yet? can a PDF be generated via script, saved then opened?

(I am considering using SQL reporting services for this, assuming I use a SQL back end.)

2 - holding dialog for long running scripts, I use a dialog progress bar in fm pro and it works well. Any alternative in web direct.

3 - lastly, has anyone see it perform well enough to replace FM pro on the desktop (considering all the best design techniques are in place).