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    Slide Panels not showing in FM14 Web Direct


      When navigating to a layout whose content is within a slide panel (2 panels for this layout) I see an empty display.  The top navigation and heading of the display is showing but the body is empty.  The layout works fine in FM Pro.  Nothing is rendered in the panel when accessing via Web Direct, not even the slide controls. 


      This is the first time I've used slide panels for a Web Direct application. The documentation indicates that they are compatible.  Any secrets to making this work in WD?  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I'd be happy to find out that I've done something wrong.



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          Turns out that I did something wrong.  I made the panel the exact width of the layout.  When I changed the width to be 2 pts less than the layout width (1 pt on each side) it shows up as expected.  I thought that I had learned my lesson about disappearing objects in wd due to being overlaid.  I should have checked this first.