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    Spaces/Subspaces/Places/Groups for User Groups?


      If a FileMaker user group has over fifty active members who are already subscribed to the FileMaker Community, could the FileMaker Community provide that user group its own space, subspace, or group (whatever is most appropriate) for creating and following discussions, questions, and announcements relating to their meetings and local community?

      The spaces, subspaces, places, or groups based on a user group would remain open to the larger community thus benefitting one another.


      For example:

      DIGFM in Santa Clara has at least sixty active members who are signed up for the FileMaker Community (or should be). Those members could follow the "DIGFM: Santa Clara, CA" space, subspace, place, or group to receive special announcements about upcoming meeting and even discuss those announcements. When the meeting is over, the DIGFM followers could continue their meeting by asking questions about presentations, sharing related resources, and carrying on discussions they started at the meeting.


      The benefits of using the FileMaker Community for user groups instead of other discussion list resources include the following:

      1. FileMaker users are already subscribed to FileMaker Community (or should be) and wouldn't have to sign up for something else.
      2. The user group would add their straggling members to the FileMaker Community, thus further building the FileMaker Community.
      3. Members of the FileMaker Community could more easily find user groups and begin participating in them immediately.
      4. Because the questions, resources, and discussions of the user group would be available to the entire FileMaker Community, the entire FileMaker Community could benefit from those user group questions, resources, and discussions.
      5. Because the questions, resources, and discussions of the user group would be available to the entire FileMaker Community, the user group would benefit from interaction by members of the larger community.
      6. Promoting local sub-communities through the FileMaker Community promotes interpersonal and collaborative interactions in ways the FileMaker Community does not currently supported.
      7. Promoting local sub-communities through the FileMaker Community opens up many more opportunities for local and traveling FileMaker Community members (users, developers, and customers) to support and otherwise interact in a geographical location.
      8. It just makes sense.


      One might ask, "Why would you need a special space, subspace, place or group in the FileMaker Community? Why not just use it as-is?" The key is the ability to follow the user group separately. Besides, surely those questions are also answered by whatever purposes there are behind the features of spaces, subspaces, places, or groups.