Newbie's Howto talk successfully to FMI

Discussion created by TorstenBernhard on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by TSGuy

The thread about RunTime deprecation triggered some remarks that the success rate of a feature request or a bug report strongly depends on the quality of the submitter's relationship with FMI staff.


These statements were issued by long-time and very experienced members of this community, so I take it as a matter of fact.

Having submitted a bug report earlier this year ( ), it was duly acknowledged within 24 hrs.

Today, the bug is still there in 13.0.9 and made it into 14.0.1 and I have no visibility on when it will be fixed or if there is a plan to fix it.

The acknowledgement reply and research in bug reports and this forum made me understand that this bug is a manifestation of a larger issue with GUI rendering in Windows. No other information was given until now.


The frustrations palpable in many posts most probably stem from such a lack of feedback and visibility to the wider community. If I may ask those who enjoy successful and privileged communication with FMI to check my above bug report if it contains any show-stoppers in terms of language employed and technical information given.


A one-page vade mecum for Newbies on how to successfully communicate with FMI would be extremely helpful and much appreciated, also including guidance on what one can reasonably expect and what one cannot expect, based on your experience.


At the end of the day it's a matter of expectations - less expectations do lead to less frustrations.


Thanks in advance!