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    Script workspace - not visible!


      I've lost my shiny new Script Workspace!  (FMPA 14, Windows 7)  Whatever I do, I can't see it - I've tried the main menu (Scripts > Script workspace), keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + SHift + S), even editing from within the debugger, and the workspace remains invisible.  Any ideas what I've done to cause this? (I've tried re-starting FM, and opening a variety of files, but stopped short of re-installing FM.

      Thanks for any assistance,


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          Hi Dave,


          it's possible that the window is outside the screen. The thing you can do is:


          1. Scripts > Script Workspace
          2. Hit Alt + Space bar

          The second action will bring a menu from which you can select move and move back to window to the visible space.. Hopefully, this will be the menu for the Script Workspace.


          Gilles Plante

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            Something I'd try is


            Filemaker Preferences -> General -> click on the Reset button at the right of "Reset dialog sizes and positions:"

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              Gilles - thanks!  Actually, maximise did it.  Still mystified as to where it was - I was just using it, saved a script, and it disappeared.  But maybe a Windows thing, not a Filemaker thing.


              Thanks again,



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                Useful to know - I wasn't aware of that option. Thanks.

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                  This problem happens with more than just the script workspace. I just had the same thing with the calculation window.


                  When I switch my laptop between office and work,  I use an additional external screen, on the left at work, and on the right at home.  Well in FM13 that was no problem since FM would reset the window positions to default whenever it detected that the original position was no longer valid.  On FM14 it does not appear to do that.  So if your window was previously on the external monitor which is no longer in the desktop workspace, your window disappears into the invisible space and you have to use the technique above to bring it back to visible space.



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                    Question: How did you get the window off screen? Are you using multiple monitors?


                    I tried a script for opening the scripts editor and then maximizing it but the window didn't respond to the max.


                    Then I rechecked the menu and found that Controld+Shift+S will open the editor. Did you try that?


                    I tried planteg technique of alt+spacebar to maximize the window in Windows 8.1. I found that I could then click/drag the window and it would resize itself and let me drop it where I want to, assuming the hidden window was smaller. Nice feature. Thanks. I'd seen that feature elsewhere and never given it much thought.


                    Click+Drag+Release resizes some of the FileMaker dialogs that are maximized but doesn't work with the Browse windows.

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                      The windows went off screen because I had used multiple monitors previously.  When I moved back to single monitor,  FM remembered the old positions (which would be good if I was still using the same desktop arrangement) and so the windows were off screen.  I have since had it happen to a couple other windows, so it could turn out to be a universal problem.

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                        This isn't your issue, but I've noticed a change with Yosemite in how OS X handles windows. The old "maximize" window button now (for some applications) makes the window full screen and moves it into a new "space". Control-tab to a different app and the window is lost (unless you control tab back for move spaces). I'm not a big fan of Spaces, so it took me a while to figure this out.


                        This is true of all my browsers, and maill.app, but not true of FM 13 or 14.


                        Just another interesting bit...

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                          Since Yose I always click the maximise button while holding down the alt key, which replicates the old functionality independently of the app. Sux, but I got used to it...

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                            FileMaker hanles so much for us that we forget to do somethings that would be second nature with other applications.


                            For instance, when selecting an open window, there is with other apps the acknowledgement that this window is being made frontmost and the developer can trigger a set of actions such as move to 0,0, resize, etc.


                            Hidden windows and off screen windows, etc. were never a problem for me in those applications because I had written a series of window handlers that would center windwos, place them in a grid, sneeze, etc.


                            So, look for the trigger that says "This window just made it to the top of the heap" and adjust it accordingly.

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                              Hmmm, well it does look as though something odd is going on.  I, too, use 2 monitors, but when I lost my Script Workspace (which was on the secondary screen) it wasn't because I reverted to one, or changed the setup in any way.  So it's a bit of a mystery.  And yes, Jack, I tried Ctrl + SHift + S, to no avail.

                              Anyway, I now know how to get it back, which is the main thing.


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                                Great discussion - and it helped me alot. I also had both problems - losing both Script Workspace and Calc engine. Win10, FMPAdv14.02. 4 screens. I had reinstalled which didn't help. FM13 worked just fine. I think it's a bug with FM14. Reset dialogue boxes worked for me.

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                                  I had a similar problem recently in a two-monitor situation in another program under MacOSX 10.9.5, so I doubt it is a FileMaker thing.

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                                    It is not necessarily a Filemaker thing.  However it is a poor programming practice thing.


                                    Any application can exhibit the same thing.  Basically most applications try to remember the last position of an opened window, and positions the window in that same position the next time it is opened.  However in a situation where you have changed your system configuration such that the previous window position is no longer within the visible screen space, the window opens in never never land and is not visible.  This not visible technique is the same as what we sometimes use to open a FM workspace window off screen to do some work that is not visible to the user.


                                    What FM should do is check that the coordinates where the window will open is within the visible screen space, and if not relocate it to some default visible space.  Not too hard to do.  However since most people's configuration do not change much I can see why this is probably low on the priority list.

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