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    FMS 14 Url Parameters Asking for Password Everytime



      I am trying out the new feature on FMS 14

      "URL parameters

      Create even more customized workflows by passing script names and script parameters into FileMaker WebDirect using URLs. Send users to a specific solution or layout, pre-populate fields with required information, or automate frequent processes."



      This is cool, however it asks me for a user name and password every-time even though I am already logged in and even after I enter it and try to run it again it asks for my password and user name again.


      Does anyone know how to resolve this so it doesn't ask me for a password every-time when I already entered it and am logged in?


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          Just a quick reaction:


          With the Activity pane in FMS Admin and make sure you are not creating a new session each time you call the url?

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            Thank you. So I went in there under the activity tab and viewed the clients and it seems like it closes the existing client web user when I try to run the url parameters.  The webDirect timeout session is set for 15 minutes, so I am not quite sure why it logs me out. Is there a setting to prevent this from happening?


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              Shawn, I had a similar type of thing occurring a few times in the past where passing script parameters into urls from a web viewer resulted in the login window appearing every time, but only for a couple of my clients.  The cause of this appeared to be two instances of FileMaker Pro running on the same machine at the same time.  My clients in this case had FileMaker Pro 12 opening automatically at login, but after upgrading, they were opening my solution using FileMaker Pro 13.  After deleting FileMaker Pro from "Login items" in their mac user profile, the issue no longer occurred. 


              Did you have FileMaker Pro running at the same time as Webdirect and does the same issue still occur after quitting FileMaker Pro?  Or do you have two version of FileMaker Pro running at the same time?

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                Thanks stephensexton,


                It has been happening webdirect on my iphone regardless of whether I have FMGo open or not.  I just tried it webdirect on my desktop computer with FMPA open and with FMPA closed and got the same results.  actually after I log into the database and then paste the parametrized url, it just sits and does nothing until I hit the web refresh button at which point it logs me out and brings up the new login dialog box.

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                  I have been awaiting this feature as I have a client who is stuck in FMS 12 because they are using a URL WITH LOGIN and parameters to open a file and to display a single record to their customers with IWP. This works great!


                  My experience in working with this in FM 12 and trying to make it work in FM 13 (along with technical support) and from what little documentation I have found (one line in the FM 14 Webdirect guide) suggests that the file must be wide open and that credentials can not be passed via the URL as they could in IWP. If this is true, than it suggests a possible work around where the file is initially wide open and then use parameters to pass the credentials to a relogin script. Though the obvious security breach is still there, this scenario would make it difficult to be hacked in the short time between initial open and relogin. Furthermore, the relogin script could perform additional processes.


                  If I am wrong and credentials can be passed, I can hardly wait for someone to tell me so and to point me to documentation showing how it is now done in webdirect 14.