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    FMS 14 Install Deployment Assistant Hangs


      Trying to install FileMaker Server 14

      Single Machine

      Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

      Microsoft Corporation Virtual Machine

      Processors   Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 @ 2.90GHz

      Installed Memory (RAM) 4GB

      Total Disk Space 180 GB

      IIS is enabled


      After installation the deployment assistant begins, I fill in the information on the first page, click next and nothing happens, it just hangs.  If I hit cancel, nothing happens either.   I have tried some of the troubleshooting  tips in the FMS14 Getting Started guide, but still am having trouble.


      Any ideas?  Does FMS14 work on a virtual machine?    BTW, I did not configure the server and I"m new to Server 2012.


      Thanks for any help!


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          Hi Lynda,


          I had a similar issue with the deployment assistant on the first page. My issue was I entered the "actual password" in the Password Hint box. There is a visual warning but I did not notice it. Once I did and changed the "Password Hint", everything was smooth. I am not sure if this helps in your case but good luck.


          I assume you are talking about Page 15 of the deployment assistant in the getting started guide.


          Good Luck



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            Hi Mike:


            Yes, I am talking about Page 15.



            My hint was "Same as Old Server" or something like that.  Perhaps it's too long.  I will put something short and sweet in there and see if that fixes it (once the ballgame ends. )


            I'll let you know how I make out.


            Thank you!

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              My issue was the Password Hint but double check your Password and Confirm Password entry fields making sure they are the same, and don't forget the Password PIN entry fields. When there is an error in your entry, you will see a larger Red circular image, which I didn't notice. What clued me in on this was I was able to use FMP or FMPA to open the Test file on FMS.


              It only took me several hours and several uninstalls and reinstalls of FMS. I am using MAC.



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                YES!!  I  keep getting the large red circular image.   I am putting things in very slowly to see when it starts.   It kicks in right after I put in the password so must be breaking some rule.  I am unstalling again! right now then rebooting the server.   Will try again and will be very aware of what I'm entering...  while watching for my RED alert!



                Thanks for your help.   Going to try one more time tonight.  Will let you know how I make out.

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                  No need to uninstall. Sounds like your Password and Confirm Password don't match. Correct that and you should be good. Passwords are Case Sensitive.



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                    I'm still having trouble.  I copied and pasted the password into both the password and confirm password field to make sure it was entered exactly the same.  However I still got the red alert.

                    I'm wondering if one of the setting in IE is blocking deployment assistant from doing its thing.  This is a new installation of IE.   Was there a popup message confirming your password or anything during the entry of your information?


                    I'm going to try installing chrome just to try something different and then execute the deployment assistant.

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                      There was no popup message confirming the password.


                      System Requirements for FileMaker Server 14 | FileMaker

                      Desktop browsersMobile browsers
                      Safari 8.x Mobile Safari 8.x on iOS 8.1
                      Chrome 38 or later Chrome 38 or later for Android 4.4.x
                      Internet Explorer 11.x
                      Internet Explorer 10.x
                      (see deprecated technologies†)


                      Double check your Browser version. I needed to "Allow Popups" in my browser security settings "Safari".


                      Try these steps to try and isolate the issue:

                      Go to "Services" and verify that FMS is running.

                      Also try opening FMP or FMPA and see if you can open the Test file using "Open Remote". 

                      Review Chapter 4 of FMS 14 Getting Started pdf.

                      Verify needed Ports are open.


                      I have not tried installing FMS 14 on Windows, Just MAC so far so hopefully someone with Windows experience may advise.



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                        At this point, my feeling is it is something silly that I am overlooking. 

                        Using IE 11.  Popups are allowed.  FileMaker Server is running.  


                        I'll take a fresh look at it again later.  


                        Thanks for all your help Mike!

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                          Just installed FMS on Windows 8.1 without any issues. I am thinking it may be something with your password and confirm password entries or other entries on the first page of the assistant. Couple of things...

                          • Make sure you use normal keyboard characters and don't exceed the length limit (think its 13) for password.
                          • Avoid copy and paste, and look for any leading or trailing blank spaces.
                          • Once you enter the password and confirm password, try clicking outside of the entry field and see if the circular red warning disappears.
                          • If you are using 4 digits for password (not recommended), don't use the same 4 digits for the PIN entry.
                          • Before selecting "Next" on the deployment assistant make sure there are no red circular warnings displayed next to the entry fields.


                          Don't know if you have the availibilty to make your original post as a "Question", if you do, mark as question. Might generate more interest.


                          Good Luck,



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                            I'm thinking this might be a port issue.   The Red Alert starts as soon as I exit the username field.   I'll have to ask the IT person who set up the server to check the ports tomorrow.


                            Tune in tomorrow for another exciting adventure of The Spinning Red Dot ....  

                            Thanks again for all of your help with this!


                            Viva Las Vegas!

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                              Ok, I'm up and running now...


                              Turns out the server had Anti Virus Software running.   I wasn't familiar with this anti virus software so it didn't pop out when I was eyeing through services earlier.


                              Sophos Agent

                              Sophos Anti-Virus

                              Sophos Anti-Virust Reporter

                              Sophos AutoUpdate Service

                              Sophos Message Router

                              Sophos Web Control Service

                              Sophos Web Filter

                              Sophos Web Intelligence Service.


                              I stopped all the above services set to manual startup type, uninstalled filemaker server, rebooted the server (just because), reinstalled FileMaker and now am on page 2 of the Deployment Assistant.



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                                Glad and to hear you got it working. Make sure you exclude FileMaker active files and backups From the Virus scan. You may also want to tell IT this and to exclude the active files on FMS from system wide backups and to backup your FileMaker backups.


                                Good Luck,



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                                  Thank you for posting about this! I'm having the exact same problem and Sophos, while necessary, is causing a lot of headaches for me right now. Without this thread, I would probably be pulling my hair out staring at the red spinning icon!

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