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FMGo14 odd behavior switching layouts

Question asked by bigtom on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by bigtom

The behavior in FMGo 14 is much different than 13. If you are zoomed in on a layout and then switch to another layout the first layout has to take time to resize full view and then move to the new layout.


In FMGo13 this did not happen. 13 also remembered the zoomed state of the previous layout and would move to that zoom if you ever returned to the original layout. This is good and bad depending on your mood and what you are doing.


I have been getting complaints from users about the way the layout jerks and resizes even if only slightly before a layout change. It is actually quite annoying. Your mind expects a new layout and the first refreshed thing is the same layout in a different size. I sure hope this is not the intended design. If I had to stare at it all day I would go nuts and I should not expect users to deal with it either.


But wait...FM will have a great workaround where they suggest pinching the screen before moving layouts. That is obviously another waste of time. It is mentally easier to deal with resizing the layout you just moved to vs resizing the thing you are moving from or having to watch the screen flash crazily to resize and then move.


Can this be fixed somehow that will not require user interaction.