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    FM server install problem



      I seem to have real problems getting the web publishing engine to install on a windows 8.1 machine. Its a machine dedicated to FM server and the same problem is with v13 or 14 trial.

      Basically at the deployment section it hangs when you click next after choosing to install web publishing, it then goes back to the login after some time.

      it will install ok if you deselect web publishing and proceed with the normal server options.

      I have uninstalled iis, reinstalled

      same for fm server

      cant seem to figure it out, all this is just to test web direct..

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          Any clues in the deployment log?  Typically the issue is that some process on Windows has port 80 or 443 open...

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            one thing before installing FMS 14: regular Windows, like 7, is not supported anymore. That just means FM will not provide any help if things go wrong... but I succeeded installing FMS 14 pre-realease on Windows 7.


            Installation in 14 differs a little bit compared to 13, it's better. I had issues in the beginning because of Skype: it takes a port over 16000, by by default takes also 80 and 443 as backups . The second installation worked, fighting a bit about Web Direct.


            Having IIS installed on your Windows means that a default Web site is configured to use port 80, another thing in the way. To see what's may be going wrong, run InetMgr - hopefully it's the same name on Windows 8.1. This is what the left pane looks like:



            Check Default Web Site settings, and if you can't change the ports, the install FMS with different ports numbers - you can set them with FMS 14 ! Here I told the Default Web SIte not to start automatically.

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              thanks planteg, I actually have tried all those and all ports are free, iis also setup and good.

              no ports listening to cause conflicts and firewall disabled.

              ill get the logs as suggested and posted back.

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                the deployment log is blank! nothing..

                The normal log has no clues and just the usual about the service staring ok.

                I must admit the hassle to just test web direct is something that I have issue with.

                I need a VM (or spare server), buy a license and do a lot of deploying. just to test it out..

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                  While it does not save you much deploying, you can download trial versions of Windows Server from Microsoft and avoid the cost of licensing. I find these invaluable for testing things out in virtual machines. They work for 180 days.


                  Try Windows Server 2012 R2 | TechNet Evaluation Center

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                    And if you find yourself doing this a lot, consider becoming a Microsoft Partner and getting access to all of the OSes


                    For testing it is a lot cleaner to use virtual instances (VMware or VirtualBox) so that you can trash it at will without cluttering your real machines.