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    14.1 wish list


      I have to say v14 is great and I am loving the new Script Workspace, its like I am wearing 'big boy pants' now.  But it does feels just a bit unfinished


      1. I feel we could skip the 'set variable' option dialogue box

      2. And What about the DataViewer!?

      just a few i's to dot and t's to cross and we are good.






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          Agreed, there are many times when I hit return to go to the next line and I get stuck in the calc area, typing the script steps is a little clunky at this point, I'm sure it's not far from being improved though. Big improvement here.


          Wish list:

          search for text within scripts.

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            Muscle memory change

            Your "go to" keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-Enter (Win) or Cmd-Return (Mac) for adding a new line. This will work even if the current script line is "in focus".

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              Indeed... habits need to adapt to the new interface. I'm sure it won't take long, early days.

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                I have been wishing for a simple "save" button in the script area. It is easier not than it was but still not as easy as it should be.

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                  I think  if you hold CMD on mac or CTRL key on windows you will go directly to a new line.

                  Just to confirm it works

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                    Cmd/Ctrl-S ?

                    What would be the benefit of a button?

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                      Sometimes faster to use a button when the mouse is already moving. Also it is very clear.  I find myself exiting the script workspace to for a save notice and then re-enter again.


                      I asked for Navigation Parts and they are here, so I am pretty happy.


                      My other wishlist adds :

                      -Touch ID for user verification as well as a data entry tool.


                      -A feature to lock a field from data entry X time after it was first modified. This would be based on Priv. set and would allow certain data to only be updated for a certain amount of time so it cannot be tampered with later. I have had some issue with users modifying certain records that have issues with someone else's username to avoid being to blame for certain errors that were made. Sneaky people.


                      -Accept input from iOS accessories and sensors without the need for a separate Listener app running.


                      -Calculated button bar images.


                      -A new AppMaker tool that actually works the way it should.

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                        Sharing a user name and password is an irritating problem and in some instances illegal and subject to prosecution. Even after I explained that to a clients staff, they still shared passwords.


                        One method I employed was to find out what computer each user would use and restrict the account name and password to that computer. And prevent a new group of sales staff from logging in with the wrong accounts.

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                          If the wish list is not limited to the script workspace :


                          > A native function that could return a item list from a defined folder path.


                          In particular since we now have a new step/action that ask user to set a folder path, it would be complementary to also have a list of embedded items, and maybe also with an option to go thu the subfolders or not.


                          And to all : feel free to submit also your suggestion above to the appropriate inbox :


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                            Oh and about new Calc dialog box and Script Workspace :


                            > It in addition to actual predictive typing, in new calc box, the same for let variables at least would be cool. For all variable included in the script, would be… perfect !


                            Edit : better formulation of the wish.

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                              Yes yes yes, drives me mad when I type in a variable and it tries to annoy me with a fieldname... is there a way to bypass the preemptive stuff?

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                                Markus Schneider

                                We got our own 'script-rules', one of them is to 'declare' $$Vars at the begin of a script. Has to be done manually, but helps a lot when You have to 'reset' them (can be done using a scriptparameter or using the debugger...)


                                I also often check for $$Vars in scripts using te developer's assistant Plugin. They are also in the DRR, but it's not that handy

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                                  Show Custom Dialog


                                  It is time that we can control the size of the upcoming window. Or even better, that FileMaker automatically updates the size according to how long your "help text" is.


                                  UUHH I use a lot of time to tell my customers to make this dialog bigger, so they can be sure to see all the nice or needed info I hand to them.


                                  If FileMaker can't handle this - it would be my top wish for modularfilemaker.org.



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                                    Instead of using the odd dialogue script step try using popovers and extra layouts in new windows as dialogue alternatives. Works quite well and doesn´t drive you crazy :-)

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