fmEasyWeb: Demo Video Available

Discussion created by TimDietrich on May 19, 2015
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Hi everyone.


This evening I posted a video showing the latest version of a project that I've been working on called fmEasyWeb. The video is available here: http://timdietrich.me/blog/fmeasyweb-demo-20150519/


EasyWeb is designed to make the task of web-publishing data from FileMaker as easy as possible. It is a Custom Web Publishing solution that uses the FileMaker API for PHP to connect to a hosted FileMaker database. It has been designed to be easy to setup and customize.

The project is a collaboration between fellow FileMaker developer Hal Gumbert (of Camp Software), web designer Joe Fino, and myself. We're hoping to release EasyWeb in a few weeks. Like the other "FMEasy" solutions that I've provided, EasyWeb will be provided under an open source license.

For more information, please visit http://fmeasyweb.com. (The info provided there is a little out of date, but much of it is still applicable.)

Thanks, and I hope you will check out EasyWeb.

~ Tim