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Get ITEM ID from related table -Inventory Starter Solution

Question asked by humitec on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by humitec

I am trying to replicate the Inventory Starter Solution into my own solution.  I have recreated everything minus a few fields from the starter solution in my own and have it working 98%.  The problem I am having is the portal records are not showing, and I also cannot edit/add any records in the portal.  After many hours of checking and double checking I have figured out the problem which I'll try to explain below.


My related table (Inventory Transactions::ITEM ID MATCH FIELD)  is supposed to automatically get the ITEM ID MATCH FIELD from the main Inventory table when a new record is created.  Currently nothing populates


In the Starter Solution the ITEM ID MATCH FIELD for the Inventory Transactions uses a calculated value referencing $$CURRENT_ITEM_ID which I finally realized is a variable that is set in a script.  There are actually two scripts that sets this variable in the starter solution depending on the device used.


Is there a easier way to get the automatically generated number from " Inventory::ITEM ID MATCH FIELD" to populate in the "Inventory Transactions::ITEM ID MATCH FIELD??