[ANN] 24U FM Bench is fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 14

Discussion created by HOnza on May 20, 2015

Prague, CZ -- May 20, 2015 -- 24U Software announces compatibility of 24U FM Bench 1.2.1 with the new FileMaker 14 platform.

24U FM Bench has become, besides providing guidance for optimizing FileMaker solutions, a popular tool for comparing performance of the same solution running on different versions of the FileMaker platform. We have carefully tested all components of 24U FM Bench with the recently released version 14 of the FileMaker products and have not encountered any issue at all. So we are pleased to announce that the current version 1.2.1 of 24U FM Bench is fully compatible with the FileMaker 14 Platform.



No update necessary for existing customers


The current version of 24U FM Bench at the time of this announcement is 1.2.1. This version is fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 14 and FileMaker Server 14. Existing customers who have not updated to version 1.2.1 are suggested to update for free to the most recent version.



Availability and Pricing


A demo version of 24U FM Bench is available free of charge at http://FMBench.com/


Full version of 24U FM Bench can be purchased either as a Per-Seat License for US$197 or as a Server License for US$1177. By purchasing one server license you get the right to use 24U FM Bench for unlimited number of users connecting to a single FileMaker Server.


Optional premium support, implementation, and optimization services are available with the purchase of 24U FM Bench license.



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HOnza Koudelka

Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o.