Thank You, TSGal!

Discussion created by richardsrussell on May 20, 2015
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A recent discussion about tips for newbies about how to deal with FMI included a few references to technical support provided by TSGal in particular. I wanted to throw in my 2¢ worth on TSGal under that topic, but it's now locked, so I'm starting a whole new thread.


I myself do my database work pro bono for small non-profit organizations. (I'm retired from state service, so I've got the time and inclination to do so.) They're grateful for my efforts and don't give me crap. I understand how unusual this is in the developer community, so I'm not claiming my experience is typical. And I try really hard to be responsive to their expressed needs and priorities, so as not to be deserving of any crap.


However, I'm sure that almost everybody else who develops in FMP has had to deal with negative feedback from customers, often impatient, sometimes rude, sometimes downright insulting, frequently misinformed or looking to lay blame on somebody (anybody) other than themselves. It's not fun, but it's part of the job.


Now imagine yourself in the position of somebody for whom it's all of the job, somebody in tech support. Day in, day out, nothing but complaints, frustrations, whining, etc. from people for whom you are the public face (or at least the readily available ear) of the company that they're currently blaming for what's probably a big deal to them. It's a wonder anyone lasts at a job like that for more than a year.


Thus, when I read that TSGal has been at it for about 9 years, my admiration for her helpfulness and patience thruout many of those years went up a couple of notches beyond its already high level of regard. I hope FMI realizes what a jewel they have here. There have been complaints levied in this forum that FMI Corporate is unresponsive and secretive, and I've felt that way at times myself, but in the one place that they hold out as being open to and available for dialog, they've done a top-notch job of staffing it.