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    Another Behavior Change in FMGO


      In FMGO 13 if you selected an items from a pop up menu after you select the item you would tab to the next field.  In some instances you might want this and if not you could run a Commit/Halt script trigger.  In FileMaker Go 14 after you select an item, you will not exit from the field and you will need a Go to next field trigger if you want to go to the next field. So now you might need to redo your triggers to accommodation the change.  If you have any hidden fields on your layout this is potentially a big problem because a Trigger set to go to the next field will go to a hidden field if the hidden field is next the tab order.  This problems occurs in FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker Pro 14 and FileMaker Go 14 but not in FileMaker Go 13.  If you want to test this it is fairly easy to replicate.  Create three fields and add a pop up menu to each field (On a Mac I think the problem only occurs with a drop down list.).  Set the middle field to be hidden with a calculation of 1 (this means the field should always be hidden).  Create a script trigger with the go to next field script step and add it to the first field.  Then select a value in the first field.  After the trigger fires you will see a pop up menu for the hidden field and you can select a value for the hidden field.  If you change the second field to a drop down list, you won't see the list on a Pc but you can type in the hidden field.    This surely can't be expected behavior.  A user should not be able to enter data into a hidden field.

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          The clue is in the name. A hidden field is hidden but it is there. It can accessed through tab order or by goto object by name. However, if it is excluded from the tab order and has no name it is fairly inaccessible.


          The hidden feature is not a security feature but a means of more easily controlling the Ui, so I would be wary to trying to use it as a means of stopping users accessing fields, better to use field level security if that is what you want to achieve.


          Cheers, Nick

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            Nick, I agree with you about accessing a hidden field with a go to object but I disagree with you about being able to tab into a hidden field.  If a field is hidden you can not tab into it. The field will be skipped in the tab sequence.  Not sure what security has to do with this discussion.  I'm not trying to hide a field for security it is an UI issue.

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              This bug has been confirmed by tech support and sent to the Development and Testing team for further review.