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    vanishing records


      yes I know this cant be real but it seems to be.

      I have a FM13 solution hosted on FM server 13.

      I have a client who is adding related products to an order database.

      He has said that products are disappearing from the database! I have been telling him he is dreaming for a while but today I sat and watched him on a remote viewer add records to the database, he then scrolled back and forward and the records were still there but the next time they had vanished.

      they are no tin the database at all!


      I just cant see anything causing this and it has me beat!


      I know nobody will have intimate knowledge of my database but has anyone ever seen anything like this?

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          and I found it, must be something about writing down the issue here that immediately it helps solve it.

          On a recent solution update one of my staff had supplied a new db file, imported all records but forgot to reset the autoenter serial number of the ID field to the top one.

          Therefore there were 2 products with the same ID (the user added a new one). this was the relationship that was losing records.


          I also noticed that this field wasn't set to unique.


          another lesson learned.

          one of the things I miss about SQL is the ability to ALTER the db structure via SQL.