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FileMaker reverting back to 13.0.1

Question asked by psuchad on May 22, 2015
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We are having an issue at my office where Windows 7 machines have has FileMaker manually (not pushed by a server) installed and For the last week about 10 of the machines have reverted back to 13v1 overnight. When the user tries to open the FM, they receive a license conflict message. Entering in the same volume maintenance license key allows FM to run, but the version remains 13v1. v5 can then be installed, however the next morning the cycle repeats.


Our network guys claim that there is nothing running that would auto update or push out updates to FileMaker. Anyone have the slightest clue how the software could be rolling back by itself every night? No sure why they would be getting a license conflict either since we are nowhere near the maximum.