External Data Sources on Development machine with FMS and FMP

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on May 23, 2015

I ran into an issue using the Seedcode template that calls several other files.  If I'm using a development machine that has FMS and FMP on the same server and I use the domain URL (not IP) so as to make use of the SSL cert, then the startup gets caught in a lock of trying to open the External Data Sources and I have to cancel out.  If logging in from any external computer, there was no problem.  Only if using FMP and FMS on the same machine. 


The solution was to open it with local ip and in the External Data source, have it first check the fmnet:/ before checking file:/filename.fmp12.  No, I don't get the SSL security lock anymore since not using the domain name, but at least the solution works for development. 


This had previously worked without a problem in previous versions and didn't become a problem until 14 came out.  But there is always a workaround.