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New developer UI behaviors

Question asked by dburnham on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by jrenfrew

I wonder why the Data Viewer's "Edit Expression" dialog uses the traditional calculation dialog box while the new one appears everywhere else.  Was this just overlooked, or is there a good reason?


The rule has always been that double-clicking an item (such as a function) inserts it into the calculation expression.  The same was also true for operators, but now, the operators are inserted with only a single click.  It's confusing and I have found several times that when defining a button to use a single step, if I don't make sure that I double click, my selected button behavior remains "Do Nothing".


Also, if you choose to define a button with a Single Step, you get a dialog that allows the selection of functions, but there are no operators available until you specify a calculation, perhaps because Single Script Step doesn't allow inline editing?

And the tiny icon that displays platform compatibility is remarkably similar to the icon that opened the Data Viewer in FM-13, but when you are writing an expression in a calculation dialog or when you are working in the new Script Workspace, there is no icon to open the data viewer.   Hard to believe that there was not enough room for an extra icon .... approx. 16-20 pixels?