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Corrupt PDF

Question asked by SteveNoble on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by monkeybreadsoftware

When running a script with the script step save as PDF AND if the layout contains any portals with no records. The pdf is corrupt. Error message appears and some data is missing from layout.

This worked fine in FMPA 13. Problem started when using FMPA 14

When at least one record added to every portal the PDF is saved and is not corrupted.

Here is the error message...

"An Error exists on the page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem."

FMS Server 13.05.520

FMPA 14.0.1

Acrobat Reader 10.1.14

Setting in script step set to save in acrobat 7.0 or higher (highest available setting.

I have posted this in bug report

I have tried each of the following steps and the results are the same.

1. Rebuilt Layout from scratch, no copy pasting items from old layout.

2. Rebuilt Script from scratch, no copy pasting items from old script.

3. Ran similar script using a different table and layout.

4. Open File locally (not hosted)

5. Open file on PC

6. Recover File

Any thoughts?