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    leading sub summary not displaying


      Leading sub summary not displaying in filemaker to go 14 in iphone and ipad.

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          Three easy to resolve problems:

          • sorting
          • positioning the object entirely within the top and bottom boundaries of the summary line
          • not pointing the line at the correct field.


          Sorting is required for summary fields to display in list/report layouts. This allows the creation of numerous summary lines and the selection of which to display and in what order. Summary lines will not display if they are not sorted.


          So, check to see if your sort order is correct and also that the summary line is pointed to the correct field. Double click on the display header for the line and check to see which field it is assigned to. You can change it if you wish.


          Thus you could create

          Summary Line A

          Summary Line B

          Summary Line C

          Summary Line D

            BODY LINE


          Sort for A, C and body line Field

          Sort For C, B, D and body line field




          You can even leave out the Body line and create just a summry report.


          Another point is that when you create the iPhone layout, the object in the line may extend a bit above the dividing line. This will cause it to not appear. The entire area of the object must be within the top and bottom area. Either move the object or increase the size of the report line.