fmreauthenticate in the real world

Discussion created by Alchemist on May 25, 2015
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Hi Guys,


I have a couple of real world situations where fmreauthenticate is not working as "expected".


The user requirement is to only have to authenticate once per shift so I have created an Extended Privilage;




to give them 6 hours of hassle free access to the hosted database, but its not working.


I can make it work, but it requires user training and you know what end users are like.


If the end user simply allows their iOS device to sleep it will disconnect from the hosted database and require reauthenication after waking.


If the end user clicks the iOS Home button BEFORE allowing the device to sleep and then upon waking the device WAITS for the WiFi indicator to show and then brings FileMaker Go back to the foreground its all good.


It seems that if the end user just lets the device sleep when FileMaker Go is in the foreground then upon waking FileMaker Go will immediately attempts to reconnect BEFORE the network (i.e. WiFi) is up and as this fails so it closes the database forcing the user reselect the database from Launch Centre and having to reauthenticate.


This of course gets even worse if the user is required to get a VPN connection up as well.


Am I missing something here?  Is there a setting in FileMaker Go or iOS which will cause FileMaker Go to wait for the network to come back before attempting to reconnect?  Its pointless attempting to reconnect if the network isn't up yet.  Shouldn't FileMaker Go track how its connected to the host and delay reconnection until the network is back?


Cheers,  Malcolm