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    Disable Thumbnail Generation


      Is there a way to completely disable FMPA 13 from generating thumbnails for images stored in open external containers? For me, when the File > Manage > Containers > Thumbnails > "Generate and store thumbnails for images" box is unchecked, FMPA 13 still generates thumbnails as follows:

      Kind of Original ImageKinds of Thumbnails Generated


      JPG & PNG
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          don't define the container at all, only the document path, then use a WebViewer to display it, the size you want.

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            Ok - I would like to try this, but this technique will be new to me. Before I begin trying to figure it out, would you advise me if it will be viable under the following circumstances: I am creating a solution on FMPA 13 to be used on FMS 14 to display images via WebDirect. Thank you for your assistance!

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              The purpose of the thumbnail is to save transfer time as sending a 200x200 jpg is faster than sending a 2500 x1900 jpg. If for instance you are displaying a list of photographs and want to include that 200x200 jpg, you will see a very noticeable difference in display time.


              It seems that FileMaker's current design looks at your layout object and generates a temporary thumbnail image that it sends to fill the container. This eliminates the need to create separate container fields to hold reduced size images.


              Now you can just size the container object and let FileMaker Server create an appropriately sized image.


              I did a very brief test to determine whether or not the auto thumbnails could replace creating separate smaller sized containers for each image and using those. The time difference between my generated thumbnails and the reduced to fit thumbnail created by the server was insignificant over the internet. So, I have stopped creating multiple thumbnail containers and let filemaker note the size of my container object and do its thing.


              So, I would say, don't worry about it.

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                Re: FMS 14 WebDirect PDF Resolution Issue in Static-Content Container


                That link explains more why this is a concern for me. With FMS 13, WebDirect displayed images of my single-page PDFs (whether it was the original file or a thumbnail) with no apparent loss of resolution. However, with FMS 14, WebDirect is displaying an image of my single-page PDFs with impractical loss of resolution.


                Thank you for your response - and I appreciate the purpose of the FM generated thumbnails. However, for my specific situation, transfer/display time is irrelevant without achieving higher image resolution displayed in WebDirect. Accordingly, I'm still after a definitive answer as to whether it is possible to completely disable FM thumbnail generation for images stored in open external containers.

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                  I imagine the FileMaker engineers are stressed out because Adobe just changed its PDF app. I've had some issues with it outside of FIleMaker. Adobe is trying to join hands with the data miners and sell us out to them... 


                  I wonder why FileMaker can't find people to write code to do the things for themselves just as other software companies can write script to open PDFs, etc.


                  FileMaker relies to much on 3rd party software and not enough on itself and we pay the price.

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                    Agree. To me, it would also make a lot of sense to build in WebKit for powering webviewer. Then we would have consistent rendering across platforms.




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                      jackrodgers wrote:

                      Adobe is trying to join hands with the data miners and sell us out to them... 


                      Ahh - is that what's going on? I've been seeing a lot of Adobe marketing commercials lately. One in particular called "Click, Baby, Click!" that is pretty cute. Or was rather...not so cute in this new light.

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                        Notice that Adobe Flash is one of the few applications that require you to go online to set its preferences and this is not easy. Why is that?


                        Also note that Adobe Flash allows application developers to use your camera and microphone. Do you work in front of your computer in your underwear or worse? 


                        Adobe, Apple, app developers, Google, You Tube, everyone is involved in a great invasion of our privacy. (even FileMaker now lets us grab the contents of a user's documents folder and Java, etc. lets us do much worse.)


                        Money over rides ethical principles and there is money to be made by selling user's personal information or habits. Why are there free apps on the web store and why is IOS ad heaven? A free app generates an enormous amount of ad revenue and sales from email addresses, etc.


                        People use aliases and free Google mail boxes thinking they are now anonymous. But with 5000 corporations compiling every bit of Internet data they can, one use of an email address in a web form can suddenly provide a link to 5000 corporations gigabytes of data about that anonymous handle and who it belongs to. Every site visited, product purchased, internet search, online post, etc. is now linked to a home address, telephone, family members, friends via the web, etc.


                        And...there are scam websites offering free this or that and help with student loans, section 8 housing, medicare, etc just to get names and addresses and email accounts.


                        This is just my not in depth view of the problem. There are undoubtedly people making money investigating this problem and publishing web pages or writing books and articles.

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                          The line is very thin.

                          Rule of thumb: "If a product is free, most likely you're the product"