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FmGo 14 and External Data Source

Question asked by electon on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by electon

I've noticed some weirdness today on Go 14.

All mentioned solutions are hosted on Server 13.09,

The Go solution is developed in FMPA 14 and has references to external data sources in other files ( FMPA13 ) which are not a separation model but desktop solutions.

When closing the Go file via the menu, the main file closes but the window displays the starting page of the EDS file as if it was trying to load.

In that file's OnLastWindowClose there's a ShowCustomDialog step asking if the user wants to quit but that doesn't show up, which is the correct way. Those script triggers shouldn't fire anyway.


Could it be a sign of incompatibility between 14 and 13?


I'll investigate it further and will update if I'll find something out.