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FMS 14 Master machine lost process with Worker machine

Question asked by azez on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by azez

Hi guys.

We just upgrade our FMS version from 13 to FMS 14.Everything is fine but we have a problem "FMS 14 Master machine lost process with Worker machine".

Here the detail.


1.It happen suddenly

2.we not found any error in log status regarding this issue.

3.we test connection with this two machine for 2 day, nothing package loss/0%.

4.when we restart machine this  two server, they auto-detect each other.Nothing wrong.

5.In admin console status,Web Publishing Engine status is enable, but web direct have no auto pop up to fill login name and password. Like have no database connection.


what we do for temporary time to continue this connection/process?

Have 2 option.

In admin console status:

1.edit development again add manually look up ip address because if we re-scan, we found nothing.


2. Disable Web Publishing Engine status,log out admin console, login again.

But it happen again with no specific time. normally twice a day.


It never happen when we use FMS13 before.

Anybody know what going wrong?