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FMGo14 - solving crashes

Question asked by Markus Schneider on May 26, 2015

I got the impression that some postings will disappear from this list, even when the last change timestamp is newer than the oldest in the 15-postings list on the mainpage.


The first 2 days with FMGo14



- solution never crashed under Go13

- solution will never crash under Pro14

- after a crash occurs, I wasn't able to force a second crash (tried for more than one hour)

- had about 5 crashes a day, always after a scripted layout change

- got the impression that after hibernating/working with other apps, the crashes occur again


the first layout is a list, about 7K records, popovers, buttons etc - not a simple listlayout. The target layout is a detail view, has a trigger, some popovers, hidden objects - all of the features of 13...



- added a scriptpause before going to the target layout


on forums.filemaker, the TS Staff seems to be interested in Go solutions that crash under 14 - but did not crash under 13... My own postings over there seem to be forgotten - so I'm bumping here... (can't post in forums for the rest of this day due to the iPad problems with the forum-software  there)



I added 2 pauses, jumped into another layout first - I lost about a week to have my solution running, no more time to fiddle around at the moment.

ALthough we can have our solutions running fine under Go14, IMHO trial&error is not the right way - a fix from FileMaker is needed. Hope they find out what is happening here