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xDBC Plug-In ?

Question asked by electon on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by electon

Filemaker xDBC troubleshooting referes to a xDBC plugin:

  1. Make sure the xDBC Plug-in is properly installed in the product you are connecting to (FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server).  The ODBC Client Driver must be installed on the same computer as the other client software (ie Excel, Oracle, etc) that will talk to FileMaker.  The ODBC Client Driver will communicate over the network with the xDBC Plug-in. 

As well as:

  1. Verify that the xDBC plug-in and its folder (OS LEVEL) is NOT set for read only access. The plug-in must be set to read and write access

What is the meaning of this?

The plug-in is nowhere to be found either on FMServer 14 ( Development ) nor in Filemaker 13 or 14.

The reason I ask is because I can't connect to the server via xDBC.

Correct driver installed, can set up DSN but "connect to server to obtain list of databases" gives no results.

Already gave all users xdbc extended priv set.

It might have flashed before my eyes on 12 in some folder, but not sure... was long ago.