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    Web Direct Output which is editable ?


      With Filemaker Pro 14 we are able to edit Script Steps in a Text Editor style enviroment ..


      Will it be ever possible to  edit the HTML / CSS of WebDirect Specific Layouts .


      I am asking this because I see that many of the layout elements seem slightly different in terms of colour , alignment etc when rendered on WebDirect .



      Will  Web Direct ... or some other technology generate  a website which then can be customised ?  Instead of building a CWP solution from scratch ....



      That way we can save time on CWP .....



      Just curious ...

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          I think comparing script steps to the HTML/CSS code of FileMaker WebDirect pages is like comparing apples to eggs (not even oranges!). Just because you can do one thing doesn't necessarily translate to logically being able to or even needing to do the other.


          I think you need to understand what it is that FileMaker WebDirect gives you - everything, rendered on a web page. You don't want to go messing with the underlying code. And what FileMaker WebDirect does is so much more than the code you can see on a page.


          The point about building a CWP solution is that you really should know a lot about HTML and CSS and PHP and Javascript to get it working well. A tool can generate generic code to suit all cases but by definition that code is not going to be well optimised for any specific use case. That was a criticism by PHP coders of the PHP code produced by the old FileMaker PHP Assistant.