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    csv vs tab separated differences?


      I need to export locationvalue data to an external program, I calculate latitude, longitude and accuracy from the original textfield but when I export to a TAB separated file I get something different from exporting to a CSV.


      TAB export:

      6-3-2015 9:57:19Thingie+52.249694, +5.924651, +10.0000005.92465152.24969410.000000
      9-3-2015 11:46:53Thingie+52.239393, +5.922827, +10.0000005.92282752.23939310.000000


      CSV export:

      "6-3-2015 9:57:19","Thingie","+52.249694, +5.924651, +10.000000","5924651","52249694","10000000"

      "9-3-2015 11:46:53","Thingie","+52.239393, +5.922827, +10.000000","5922827","52239393","10000000"


      Besides the obvious double quotes and comma's vs the tab characters the unexpected difference I see is the decimal point which is disappeared in the CSV, This renders the location data (last three columns) useless.


      In exporting to MER format I sort of get the best of both worlds:


      "6-3-2015 9:57:19";"Thingie";"+52.249694, +5.924651, +10.000000";"5.924651";"52.249694";"10.000000"

      "9-3-2015 11:46:53";"Thingie";"+52.239393, +5.922827, +10.000000";"5.922827";"52.239393";"10.000000"


      and when exporting tot .XLSX the decimal points are again disappeared


      Trouble is my external program can read CSV and XLSX but no TAB or MER


      - Why is exporting in Filemaker altering the decimal point depending on the format I use?

      - How can I influence this behaviour?


      I could of course use notepad++ or something to manipulate the MER but since it will be an automated process I would like to weed out any unnecesary steps.


      All help appreciated!