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FM 14 start takes long time

Question asked by desktoporga_fba on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by tjsoftworks

When I start FM 14 it takes a long time - up to 1 Minute - to show the new Launch Center. (OSX 10.3.3)


I have cleared all pref-files, removed caches, removed plugins in FM-Folder, in users Application Support an every other place I found.

Re-installed FM 14. First start was fast as expected, then again, it take a long time to start.

- When I drag a local file directly to the FM-Icon FM 14 starts fast.

- When I choose  "Open file..." it takes again the  a long time before the launch center is shown.


NEXT: Console show  a series of the sam entry: : 28.05.15 11:08:16,419 FileMaker Pro[716]: Cocoa scripting error for '0x00000006': four character codes must be four characters long.


..and finishes with: 28.05.15 11:08:16,423 FileMaker Pro[716]: .sdef warning for type 'list' attribute 'ID' of class 'repetition' in suite 'Subset of the Core, Table, and Database suites': AppleScript ID references may not work for this property because its type is not NSNumber- or NSString-derived.


Has anybody a Idea what else I can do?