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    button bar - change image


      Button bar is a good new.


      You can define label text based on calculation.


      Can you do the same someway for icons ?

      That would be the key for total customization



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          There is a button next to the icon selection where you can add your own icons to the selection. That's as close as it gets.

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            new icons is a nice feature, but I wish is to display different icons depending on context.

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              Not a 14 Button Bar feature but you can do it the old fashioned way for instance, create a relationship between your layout file and a table of icons. Use a global field in the parent file and when you set that global to a value the related icon will show in the container field on the layout. You could create a button bar effect using a repeating field and store the appropriate graphic in the appropriate repeating field cell. Show the repeating container field on your layout.


              The icon table would have any number of records each with their own ID field and perhaps 8 repeating cells for each container field.



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                A work-around, but you could add a button for each context with the appropriate icon and hide those not in the current context by calculation

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                  Alice --


                  I'd say Tim has made the best suggestion, and this is what I saw during a demo with an FMI Service Engineer.  The downside of this is that the button bar is a fixed size.  Hiding an individual element in the bar resizes all of the visible buttons to fit the available size (i.e. they get bigger).  But, it will give you something like alternative icons, so long as you always have th same number of visible buttons.


                  -- Drew Tenenholz

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                    Stephen Huston

                    This is what I have done with bars, using multiple buttons with different Hide-When calcs to deal with the context.


                    The only thing one has to beware of with ever-growing button bars is make sure there is not a context in which too many of them will be visible at the same to fit in the bar.

                    Really love that the single-object button bar stretches with anchors and the buttons properly resize no matter how many of the buttons are hidden/showing. I dreamed of this functionality ever since the position anchors were first introduced!

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                      Thanks Tim,


                      keep thinking about that and I believe it could be a solution.

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                        Hi Alice,


                        As others have noted, icons cannot currently be dynamically specified; Tim's approach seems like it would come close to achieving the desired end result.  Just wanted to point you to this helpful article on abstracting Button Bars by Daniel Wood over at Digital Fusion.



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                          Stephen Huston

                          DrewTenenholz wrote, in part:


                          The downside of this is that the button bar is a fixed size.  Hiding an individual element in the bar resizes all of the visible buttons to fit the available size (i.e. they get bigger).

                          Maybe it's just me, but this is one behavior which I consider an "UPside" of how button bars adjust, including being able to anchor them to expand with a layout as a single object. I want my button bars to always take up the space I designed for them.

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                            If you use an iCon font for the name of the button, you could dynamically change the character of the font and hence the Icon. I haven't tried this but it sure sounds good...


                            Maybe a dynamic whatchamacllits with the smiley icons and the little devil...    <--- that one...  <--- or that one...


                            In the prehistoric days one would use a container with an adjustable icon, but It seems as if FileMaker is maintaining an internal database for the icons we can add or delete. How to uncover that icon and find a way to replace one via a script.... 

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                              The icons are SVG, SVG is actually a text, maybe one day we will be able to dynamically alter that text....


                              1) Give the icon a name in Layout mode, then

                              2) Have a script step that assigns a (different) text to a named object's content

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                                Tim's advice is, in my opinion, the right one. And then when you find that the buttons are resized you should ad a transparent (invisible) dummy button tho take the space and thereby keep the size.


                                But as I see it the button bar does not need the ability to change icons on the individual button. The calculated name we need for language localization. But changing the icon and thereby, logically, the functionality of the button, is in my opinion not needed.

                                We can hide it, we can grey text out (custom format) etc. etc. I am not sure that changing icons dynamically is the most logical point on my wish list. In our UI's we will probably want the same icon on the same button most of the time for the sake of UX. But the illustration here show how we are changing icons and functionality.




                                This is just from an internal solution, a system we have running that hare checking about 25-30 solutions (web and filemaker), our customers solutions. Are they up and running and giving the right answers?


                                The example btw shows an interesting UX problem. If we have the green button alone, saying start, most people will understand that the system is stopped now and that they have to press the green button to start. And if the red button is active most people will assume that the system is running now and that they have to press the red button to stop.

                                But some, maybe a minority, may see the green color as a sign saying = "up and running" and the read = "Stopped at the moment".

                                Depending on whether they understand tid color as being the status at present or the action to perform.

                                I could argue that the first is correct, but I need all who have access to understand this correct. Thus the statustext at the bottom of the button.

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                                  I would think a bit more text is needed than Start and stop.


                                  Push to Start

                                  Push to Stop


                                  The extra words clarify the meaning instantly. If not those exact words,something similar.


                                  And then Start (What?)  Stop (What?)


                                  To clarify I might place these inside a box with the title "This is what is happening" and under the button a brief description:


                                  We are transferring all of your private data to our data center.



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                                    Hi Jack,


                                    Your advice may be very relevant in a lot of cases, and I understand why you give them here. And I admit that I was showing the examples out of context.


                                    I would think a bit more text is needed than Start and stop.

                                    Push to Start

                                    Push to Stop

                                    I do definetely not expect anybody here but Claus, André, Bo, Andreas and a few other Norwegians, Swedes and Danes to understand Danish.

                                    But in Danish "Start" and "Stop" are imperatives, and do not need any more explanation.


                                    And you could also be right about

                                    And then Start (What?)  Stop (What?)

                                    But since you are on the page controlling the service it is implicit and the user will not be in doubt about what it is starting/stopping.


                                    But you are right: It is important that you always remember that the user's context is not the same as the developers and that unless you are really sure that the user will understand what you are doing, you need to be very explicit.


                                    Best regards


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