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FM 14 and NAT

Question asked by desktoporga_fba on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2015 by desktoporga_fba

We run several  FM-Servers behind a Sonicwall.

To reach these different FM-Servers we have configured the Firewall to forward external Ports 50003 to server1, Port 50004 to server2, port 50005 to server3 and so on. Internal port is alway 5003 and it works fine with FM 13.  We have multifile-solutions.

URL example for this construction is: fmp://  to connect to "Menu_CustomerX.fmp12" on server2.

FM 14 starts to connect as well with the file "Menu", opens some other files but then ist starts to ask for login-password for "Menu", to which I am already logged in - and worse - does not accept the login. So I get into a login loop, no way out.


Workarround for us is using VPN, but we also offer this to our customers for temporary testings of their solution before deployment.


Has anybody else experience with a similar construction?