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Rendering bug in FM GO 14

Question asked by maestrodevelopment on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by cable2001

There seems to be a rendering bug in FM GO 14 for iPad.  Just tried our application in 14.  Our main screen is mostly pale grey.  You can see the screen now has very faint but noticeable quadrants showing 4 slightly different shades of grey.  (The quadrant lines SEEM to be the editing quadrant line markers when in in Layout mode in FMPro.)  In the data entry screen we have a information panel with the info about the specific record.  It uses the same grey background.  The fields - which have the same grey background come out a shade lighter so you can now see the field outline.  Other little things like icons with rounded corners on 13 - SOME - yes SOME come out with square corners on GO 14.  This does not happen on GO 13 - if I use EXACTLY the same file on GO 13 none of this happens.  So this looks to be a GO 14 rendering bugs.  We are telling clients not to use Go 14 at the moment.