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    Modification timestamp field empty


      Hey folks


      I have a WebDirect solution that is occasionally experiencing an empty modification timestamp field. A user is on a layout, with a portal to another table showing a list of records. They update these records in the portal and hit a Save button on the layout. The field that is sometimes empty is in the portal table. It is an auto enter modification timestamp. The user does not have access to this field.


      The only thing I can think of is that they enter the portal record and crash out of WebDirect - the parent record doesn't commit and neither does the portal record, resulting in a blank mod date field as it was waiting for commit? But there was a value in it previously so how did this one disappear before a new value was ready to take its place?


      Any thoughts?


      Thanks as always.

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          Hi Duncan,


          Can you reproduce the problem i FileMaker 14.

          The "problem" is that a lot of WD is rewritten in FileMaker 14. So the problem may very well be gone now.


          I guess that your field is set up like this:



          How often does it happen ... and have you also seen the "created" timestamp missing?


          And do I understand you right: You are editing the data in the portal and the "modification" field is not modified. But the data you enter is changes as it should be?


          We have tested WebD in FileMaker 14 for a long time, and have not seen problems like those you describe.


          Best regards



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            Hey Carsten


            Yes the field is set up that way. I have not been able to replicate it and it just happens occasionally, so one of those super annoying bugs... The users are not creating records via WD, only modifying so the created timestamp is not a factor/issue. And yes the data is modified via a portal, the data seems to take but the modified stamp does not (for just one record at a time - not a particular one).


            I'll see about moving them to 14 and monitor it. Thanks for the response.

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              Is it possible the field has a space or an invisible character in it? If the field is displayed anywhere on the layout, even if not visible, its possible that it is getting a value submitted.


              It is very strange that the AEMT (Auto-Enter Modification Timestamp) didn't enter a value on record save.

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                Sorry for the delay on the response to this. No the field is not on the layout anywhere. It's a field in a different table to the one the layout is based on, and they are updating via a portal.


                It's weird. I just checked the table and it's fine for now - nothing missing. I have transitioned them to 14 now so I'll keep an eye on it and see if I spot anything. I guess I could set up a server side script to check and send me an email if it finds an empty field.


                I'll mark this thread as assumed answered, even though it's a mystery...


                Thanks both.