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Discussion created by douglas168 on May 29, 2015
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Hi FileMaker Experts,


We are a non-profit organization and is considering doing a database driven web application for internal use.  We are evaluating to see if FileMaker 14 is right tool for us.  Below are questions we have...


1- Though we have people who can do programming, by all means they are no programming experts nor web application developers.   How much coding does FileMaker need in order to produce fuctional application?


2- We are concern about Filemaker cost.   Do we need a FMP license for each workstation running the FM app?


3- We are also concren about FileMaker server cost.   Can we use open source database such as MySQL with FM?  Would that take away FM rapid development (how easy is it to use FM with MySQL? and would you recommend it?)


4- Any other comparable database web application development tools similar that you may suggest we evaluate too?


Appreciate all your help,