Inequality between Win FMP and OS X FMP GUI

Discussion created by TorstenBernhard on May 31, 2015
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I'm taking Carsten Levin's suggestion and set up this thread for discussing the matter.


+1 for putting XP the list of "deprecated technologies"

+1 for bringing Win FMP' GUI to the level of OS X FMP

+1 for taking long-standing GUI bugs out of Win FMP


As an Apple subsidiary, FMI has privileged access to leading-edge GUI design knowledge and technology. Surely there are have no shortages in know-how and technical sophistication.

There may be hurdles to overcome in Windows' graphical subsystem, but all other modern Windows applications handle it very well. There are also some long-standing GUI bugs that are exclusive to the windows version, hampering usability.


Quo vadis, FMP for Win?