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Data viewer watch items shared accross version 12-14?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on May 31, 2015
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I noticed that the watch items in the data viewer is shared across versions 12 - 14.  I started up my new install of 14 Pro Advanced and noticed it had picked up left over watch items from 13.  Originally thought this was an installation feature.  I cleared them out since for the most part these are leftovers from prior work anyway.  Later I started 13 and quickly noticed that all of the watch items were gone here as well.  Got a bit curious about this and started up 12.  Sure enough the watch list was empty here to.


I started up 11,  here the old watch list was still there.


This becomes an interesting feature.  Creating a watch item in any of these versions,  makes it available to all versions.  Or at least it does on my system.  Is this a feature based on answers to questions during installation or just the standard setup for .fmp12 versions of FileMaker Pro Advanced?