Email and Calendars: Meeting Invite, Respond and Alert

Discussion created by itraining on May 31, 2015


What is the latest-and-greatest approach where a FileMaker Pro 14 database can provide similar email and calendar functionality provided in Microsoft Outlook (v15.3 with Office 365) or Mail/Calendar, running on Mac OS X? The key feature is to receive an email message as a meeting invite in FileMaker, respond to the organiser, add the meeting to the calendar (table in FileMaker) and enable a reminder alert.



Developed in 2004 using FileMaker Pro 7, the client has an existing "calendar" (I use the term loosely) in their FileMaker Pro database. Employees enter their time-sheets into the calendar populating each entry with the date, commence, conclude, projectID and notes. Currently the users receive and send all email messages using a FileMaker Pro database utilising the CNS SMTPit Pro and POPit Pro plug-ins. As part of an upgrade the client wants to improve the email and calendar functionality of the database on the desktop and extend this to iOS devices.

I recommended several plug-ins/products but upon closer inspection I cannot see information about email messages and meeting invitations/responses or alert reminders:

Outlook Manipulator for Mac: Outlook Manipulator for Mac - Productive Computing, Inc.

Seedcode Calendar:

FM Calendar:

SoSimple Calendar: soSIMPLE Calendar for FileMaker

The client specifically asked: "The desire to have the email plugin read Outlook event / meeting invitations is linked to the calendar requirement. In Outlook or Mail, if you respond to an invitation the event is added to the calendar in Outlook or to the Apple Calendar. Is the proposed new plugin able to deal with Outlook invitations, would these be able to be automatically added into the filemaker calendar? Apple Calendar and Outlook both have alert features. Do any of the proposed new calendar options have alert features? I was unable to located that sort of feature upon my review of the three proposed calendars."

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)