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    FMEasyWeb: Easily Publish FileMaker Data to the Web


      Hi everyone.


      I'm happy to announce that FMEasyWeb is finally available for beta testing.


      With EasyWeb, you can provide Web-based access to your FileMaker databases without needing to write code. It's a convenient way to quickly publish data to the Web and make it available to either the general public or to authorized users. And like many of my other FileMaker solutions, EasyWeb is being made available via an open source license.


      For more information about EasyWeb, or to download it, please visit: http://fmeasyweb.com




      ~ Tim

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          Nice one :-)


          Tried it out on a basic GoDaddy web hosting account connecting to the sample Contacts database being hosted on one of the 'budget' FileMaker hosting companies, and had it up and running in about 5 mins... One thing that doesn't seem to be working quite right is the displaying of container field images in the form view.... They show fine in the list view though...


          Thank you ... Looking forward to seeing what you are doing with fmFoo... A quick and easy way to enable data collection on web sites direct into FileMaker will be great... Lots of use for that...