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    A word of warning to FMP 14 users on Windows 8


      I was having a problem I thought may have been a FileMaker 14 issues, but turned out to be more of a Windows 8 problem.

      My copy and paste functionality was not working in any specify calculation dialog box, only on 14. This was happening on two separate machines. The original thread is here: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/84603?sr=inbox&ru=2994 but I thought this might deserve its own, as I could reasonably see this causing additional problems besides the one I encountered in the first place..


      In most cases, the copy and paste would just not work, but on a few occasions, attempting to paste caused FMP to crash. Windows event viewer showed a system.outofmemory exception being thrown at the time of the crash. Examining this further, I discovered that often my resource monitor would be showing disk usage at 100%, even when the resource monitor was listing 0 MB/s across the board for the individual processes listed. I found this stack exchange thread on Google:



      For whatever reason, it seems that upon installation of Windows 8, paging file size for virtual memory is only set to a fraction of the recommended amount. The article says 70%, however mine was more like 1/3 (1280 instead of recommended 3959) Changing this setting not only improved my PC's performance, but also alleviated the FileMaker copy/paste issue.


      Several people from here as well as the FileMaker Forum tried to reproduce my problem, but were unable to, I assume only because all tried using Windows 7, where this seems to be more specifically a Windows 8 problem. Hopefully this post can help someone else avoid the inconveniences I was having.

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          Scratch that, problem persists.

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            I have also identified Chrome and Norton as possible problems with FileMaker. I had a Chrome window open with multiple tabs and left it open. FileMaker slowed down. I closed Chrome, FileMaker began running much better.


            Norton and Microsoft will bomb FileMaker with their Stealth Updates.


            Also, keep in mind the ancient recommendation: do not deploy a new version as soon as it ships but use it for testing on a backup copy and do not deploy on a network until you have thoroughly vetted it. Note that this advice from many experienced developers is missed or ignored by many who then resort to posting their problems.


            I am trying the recommendations in the page you showed and will check back later.

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              After making those changes and restarting everything seemed OK. A couple hours later, the problem returned. A restart alleviated them once again. Perhaps some sort of memory leak is going on?

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                Can't address the memory leak question but it is obvious that once we start filling up memory and the virtual memory that this will cause a slowing of software actions just as it takes longer to search or sort a million records vs a hundred.


                It is the nature of the first release of FIleMaker or any other software to be buggy and that within a few updates many of the bugs will be fixed.


                Companies cannot afford to not release buggy software as the process of producing bug free software is both impossible and would be very time consuming affecting the release of new profitable versions.


                I think what could be done instead is to address portions of a software application and issue incremental updates, this is already being done for bug fixes. The software could be sold with a buyin price and then a monthly subscription. Stop the subcription and no more updates and you have to buy in again at the new price. Thus popovers might get shipped in January and Menu Bars shipped in August, etc. rather than everything jammed into one big new version. New featues could be plugins, more or less.