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Calculate a contract end date given the duration and start date

Question asked by jasheldo on Jun 3, 2015
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Hello.  This may be a huge oversight on my end with the capability built in and easily executed but I'm not seeing it.  One way I use FMP is to track lease payments and contract durations.  I think it's silly that I'm manually entering in the contract end date when I'm already entering in the start date of the contract and the duration of the contract.  How can I get FMP to calculate the contract end date for me automatically given these two pieces of information.


For example, a contract that begins on 5/1/2015 and runs for 12 months ends on 4/30/2016.  I'd like FMP to calculate the 4/30/2016 for me.  Or, if the contract begins on 5/1/2015 and lasts for 11 months then the final contract date is 3/31/2016.  I'd like the 3/31/2016 to be an auto calculation.  How do I make that happen?


Thank you in advance.