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FileMaker Server 14: can WebDirect be enabled after configuration?

Question asked by Dhrakar on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by Dhrakar

Just upgraded our FileMaker server this weekend from 12 to 14. I did run into a big issue with the WebDirect in that the deployment assistant would crash back to the first screen if I tried to have it include web access.  I'm working with more IIS savvy folks than I to make sure that IIS is configured properly (the production server is Windows Server 2008 sp1 and the test server (that worked fine) is Windows 7).  I keep getting 403 errors when going to https://localhost:16000 on the server itself, but the admin page when going to https://<server>:16000 remotely.


  Anyway, once IIS is sorted out, how can I re-run the configuration assistant and/or enable WebDirect short of reinstalling?  Is there a flag in a config file that gets set that I can clear to force deployment assistant to run again?  Thanks!